Monday, 2 September 2013

Experimenting with balls

With the nail dotter I had gotten for my birthday (thanks FANTASTIC 5) I felt like trying out different dotty patterns I could do with it.

Have a golden base coat and dotted a dark green onto. I also tried out the free cookies and cream caviar manicure from Marie Claire on my ring fingers. Cheers Marie Claire!

Quite a straightforward and quick design to do on holiday, but looked a bit random :)

- Nail Art Love -

Getting a bit dotty

Got a bunch of new colours which needed to be used as soon as possible so I dotted them all together for this oddly colourful and happy look.

A great combination of big and small dots around the tips which I used a toothpick for.

- Nail Art Love -

Instyle Freebie Polish adventures

Instyle magazine came with a free Nails Inc polish I got the shade 'You're a Peach'... quite a charming name.

With this new shade I felt inspired to try out two different looks. The first design is a 'Naughty but Nice' theme, naughty being the fish net style tights on the index, middle and little digits. Nice being the 3D bows, which I got from a nail art kit for my birthday (Thank you to the FANTASTIC 5!)

The second design is a 'I heart Instyle' theme which I sent in for an competition and as a little thank you for the free polish. Did french tips with the Instyle logo on the index, middle and little finger. The 3D hearts were again from the FANTASTIC 5 !

- Nail Art Love -

Gold and Sugar

Recently bought a new polish which is a rough leather effect from Kiko called Poppy Red from the Sugar Mat collection.

Fell completely in love with the colour and realised it matched a dress of mine perfectly.

I chose to wear the shade with a gold ring finger manicure which I thought picked up the golden flecks in the rough polish rather well.

with flash
- Nail Art Love -