Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

 SPOILER ALERT!! This post reveals information from the seventh series, if you haven't seen it yet you're reading at your own risk.

The countdown has begun. The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who is this Saturday (27th November) and myself as well as people around me are gearing up. I will, together with some friends, be watching the episode in 3D in one of the cinemas. How cool?!

To give some space for my excitement, most of Sunday was spent painting my nails with monsters and symbols from the series.A Dalek and Cyberman were given, being some of the more frequently returning villains. Two other familiar faces are The Silence, who appeared in the 5th series as the Doctor and Weeping Angels, most recently known for the last episode with Amy and Rory The Angels Take Manhattan.

When the latest companion, Clara Oswald, appeared, she was sat inside a Dalek. Despite dying then, she returned in the 2012 Christmas Special (and its prequel) as the Doctor is found in Victorian London. The Snowmen, villains of that season, was compared to most of the other monsters significantly easier to do and also fitted in well with the relation to the latest companion. 

On my right pinky, the obligatory bow tie can be found, often worn by the Eleventh Doctor. Bad Wolf is one of the main episodes I remember from Rose's companionship and it will be interesting to see how she now re-appears in the anniversary. The Doctor Who logo had to be included somewhere and on the left thumb you find the Seal of Rassilon, which the Time Lords had on display in places of Great Power.

How are you getting ready for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary?

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