Monday, 25 March 2013

Let's get Nautical

With the weather still being rather chilly and snowy in March! I felt like doing a slightly summery design to help warm my fingers up. 

Hope you aren't all suffering too much with this cold weather!?

The idea of a nautical theme appealed because I associate it with sunshine, beaches and visiting home ( Spain ^_^ ).

For the base coat I used Kiko Mirror Nail Lacquer in Taupe to give the nautical theme a bit more edge rather than using a more traditional cream or white shade.

On my ring finger I used blue nail striping tape to do the simple nautical stripes. I drew little anchors on both my little finger and index finger using blue and red sharpie pens. The middle finger I used a dotter to add small red polka dots using Barry M limited edition Retro 3. Thumbs I used red nail striping tape to do nautical stripes again.

I mirrored the design on my left hand.

Looking forward to the heat and sunshine that hopefully spring and summer shall be bringing soon!

- Nail Art Love -

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