Thursday, 14 March 2013

Party Nails

One thing that I remember finding tricky to find online is party nails, or at least last time I checked I was put off by the top results as too tacky, too difficult or not party enough (or at times, too much party). However, when I got Kiko's grey holographic polish and there 2012 Holiday Glitter I had a great colour combination to base a suitable design on, so off it went.

I had a party coming up and we'd been asked to put cocktail dresses on, so it gave me an opportunity to try it out. I had originally planned to just use the holographic as a base and add a glitter top coat on the ring finger, but changed my plan. To have a little more "happening" in the design I decided to try a triangle pattern.

I started off with the grey base and then cut triangular pieces of tape to place with spaces in-between (for alternating triangles). This way I would have alternating glitter and grey triangles. I have mentioned it before, but I'm going to stress it again: if you decide to use tape, it's important that you let the polish try completely first, as it will otherwise leave marks, and allow longer time for drying before removing it as well. The tape technique also has a tendency to create very sharp edges and the glitter polish's structure enhances this. TTo even get a reasonably even surface, I applied two fairly thick layers of top coat, using Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Base & Top Coat.

I'm really happy with how it turned out (especially after the time spent doing it)! The contrast between the warm colours of the glitter and the cold grey works well and are going to complement the champagne coloured dress I was wearing (with red details).

Party nails - glitter triangles

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