Sunday, 5 May 2013

"It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die"

Despicable Me is a rather awesome movie that was released in 2010. It is about the comical evil mastermind called Gru who is trying to win the most evil mastermind of the year prize. He decides to adopt some kids in order to help him infiltrate his biggest rival lair along with his big stash of Minions who will do anything for a banana

This design concentrates on the Minions and two versions of the unicorn that Agnes falls madly in love with.

On the right hand index, middle, ring and middle finger are little minions with their overalls. I used A by BW for the yellow shade, Midnight glitter striper for the overalls, black velvet and energy source by L.A. colours for the face details and Hot Pink striper for the tongues.

Right Hand

On the right thumb is the unicorn 'Papoy' that the Minions made for Agnes, which is made out of a toilet brush, ice cream cone, face mask and a few other odd bits. I did a rainbow background on both the thumbs to create a more magical unicorn vibe.

On the left hand I mirrored the Minions on the index, middle, ring and little fingers.

The left thumb is the unicorn that Gru wins for Agnes. Used energy source and hot pink by L.A. Colours for the face and mane unicorn and Sand Dune by Ciate for the horn.

Left Hand

All the Minions teamed up together getting excited over the banana...

Minions going wild over bananas

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