Sunday, 28 April 2013

Iron Man 3

Haven't had a chance to catch Iron Man 3 in the cinemas yet (cannot wait!) however from my comic book knowledge I was able to put together a nail design which is also based on the trailers I have seen.

On the thumbs I did a face fusion of Iron Man Mark XLII suit (a more golden suit in appearance than the Mark VII) and the comic book version of the villain the Mandarin. I used a sharpie to sketch an outline of the design and then used a dotter and toothpick to colour and fill in the detail. The background colour is Glitz and Glamour by Orly.

On the left hand index finger I did the Iron Patriot suit (Disney version of War Machine V2) that the character Rhodey wears. I used Silver Foil by Barry M, Konad Blue and Retro 3 Barry M.

Middle finger is the R.E.S.C.U.E suit (Rapid Evacuation Situation Control Unilateral Enforcer) that the Pepper Potts character wears. In the comic books this suit usually has a silver/chrome and crimson colour scheme or purple and silver in newer comics/cartoons. However from the movie trailers the colour scheme looks more similar to the Iron Man Mark VII suit. I used Rockin Rockette by Orly and Silver Foil by Barry M.

On the ring finger I did the Iron Man Mark VII suit which is what the movie starts off with (less golden compared to the new and improved Mark XLII suit). I used Flare by Orly and Retro 3 by Barry M.

I attempted the arc reactor on my little finger using Silver foil Barry M and adding a shimmery Etoile by Orly to help make it glow.

On my right hand I did the respective suits chest plate energy sources, so for the Iron Patriot on the index finger is it a star. R.E.S.C.U.E suit has a circle as well as the Iron Man Mark VII suit. I did the arc reactor again on my little finger and the fused faces for the Iron Man Mark XLII suit and the Mandarin.

I hope after all this waiting and excitement that it is a good film and better than Iron Man 2!

Shall update after I finally catch it ^_^

- Nail Art Love -

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