Saturday, 22 December 2012

God Jul!

I've already done two Christmas designs (you can see them here) to celebrate it during last week of term, but now when Christmas is really approaching, and my fingers were covered in a more generic design, it was time to do a new one.

The little Santa you can see to the right has become a given one, and I also suspect that my Grandpa will love it. It's not too hard to make, apart from the belt with the buckle. All the details were done with a cocktail stick (as usual).

Now, I couldn't have Santa on all nails, so I decided to opt for white and golden pattern. On three of the remaining 8 nails I made an attempt for big snowflakes. They're not as good as the ones Gema did, but they turned out better than my previous attempt. On the other nails I went for various patterns of golden dots, which had varying result. If I did it again I would probably opt for a golden and silver snowfall, similar to the winter design linked previously.

I've got some plans for New Years Eve, so I will be back once those are done. Until then, Merry Christmas!

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