Friday, 28 December 2012

New Year's Eve Design

A while ago, I came across a tutorial on how to make explosion designs using tape. I had seen similar designs before, but not dared to try them, it required higher accuracy than I could achieve. But the tape version could work! 

As you can see below it did, but a finger of warning should probably be raised. It is time consuming, and not the easiest thing. Line up two films to watch in the meantime (especially when waiting for layers to dry). Usually the second and third layer of a nail design can be done whilst the previous layer is as good as try, but if you're putting tape on you need to make sure it's properly finished. In addition to this, you need to cut the tape pieces to good sizes and then arrange them (which proved harder than I thought). 

If you look at the picture below, the one to the far left is slightly different to the others. Rather than trying to keep the underlying colour as the centre of the explosion, I tried placing the tape in such a way that it was only the smaller area that was painted. It was a little easier, and I think it turned out better too. For the thumb I'd given up on designing explosions, and went for a zick-zack pattern which was later copied for the left hand.
Explosions for New Year's Eve instead of fireworks

Zick-zack 1

Happy New Year everyone!

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