Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Exciting Additions

Apologises for my lack of posts and a belated Happy New Year ^_^ !!

I have quite a few exciting bottle additions that I received as christmas gifts and the three kings gifts, adding to my ever increasing stash!

Overall I received 20 bottles of nail polish... 20 bottles!

Got some useful and interesting nail art bottles that shall hopefully be put to good use soon in teal, 14K, purple shimmer and midnight glitter.

Am rather excited over this rather extravagant polish which claims to have real 18K gold flakes inside it by O.P.I. Thinking it would look good with a contrasting base coat colour and may contribute well towards our romance theme nail ideas for February.

I have mentioned some of the holographic polishes before in my christmas post that are done by Kiko. Luckily I received the rest of the colours as gifts that they currently sell and would highly recommend trying them out as they are now in the sale (£2.40 per bottle), quite a bargain price for holographic polish. The colours they offer are Peacock Green, Jewel Pink, Silk Taupe and Steel Grey.

The ORLY Fired Up collection are a range of fantastically pigmented metallic shades called Flare, Smoulder, Flicker and Rapture. Am really looking forward to thinking up a design that will incorporate these colours together creating a big metallic party. Also received a lovely metallic purple called Cabaret that has light blue undertones and gives of a great shimmer once applied.

These colour changing polishes, that alter their shade are pretty awesome. This is their shades when indoors but when it is exposed to sunlight the colour changes because of the spectrachrome crystals which is a technology apparently invented by NASA for their space program.

The first three shades are Ariel (which changes from aquamarine to purple) , Aurora (which changes from pink to dark pink) and Belle (which changes from yellow to pink). They are really cute however the quality of these are more catered to be used by kids, so their consistency is rather tacky and don't endure for long. However they are good fun.

The large bottles are Electrick (which changes from metallic blue to metallic green) and Ruby slipper (which changes from silver glitter to red glitter). The quality of these polishes are good, have good endurance and a clear top coat doesn't affect the colour changing properties.

Thank you for reading and my next posts shall be trying out some of these newbies.

- Nail Art love -

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