Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Cheers NASA for Spectrachrome technology

I mentioned receiving some awesome colour changing polish which I was itching to use. The polish is one colour indoors with artificial lighting and then via the spectrachrome crystals transforms into another colour in direct sunlight. Firstly I tried out the Ruby Slipper shade which is silver glitter indoors and turns red in the sunlight. In the shade outside the polish turns a bit pinky, however in direct sunlight it turns red, as demonstrated below.

Also the longer it was in the sun, the darker the shade of red it became. 

I also tried out the Electrick shade which is metallic blue that turns metallic green. In the image below, the indoor colour is shown of both Electric and Ruby slipper (fourth finger).

Out in the sun this metallic green and dark red was obtained.

I finally added some patterns to the colour changing polish, which involved adding a zig zag design with the Steel Gray holographic polish.

In the sunlight the Electrick polish still turned green successfully regardless of the other polish.

So thank you NASA for creating this rather cool Spectrachrome technology!

This has now sparked an interest in other unique polishes i.e. could there be ones that could glow in the dark?! etc...

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