Sunday, 3 February 2013

"Bow ties are cool" - Dr Who

I've gone through a period of spring colours. I was lacking inspiration for earlier, and decided to go for something fairly straight forward, which happened to be stripes. Unfortunately the only picture I have of this is the one to the left, where I still haven't got around to cleaning up around the edges. The idea was great, even if the stripes ended up a bit wobbly, and I probably would go for a white contrast rather than nude, as I had now. In order to make it look like a little more was happening, the stripes rotate ~45 degrees between each nail.

Later on, I decided to return to my faithful book from Wah! Nails for ideas. I was hosting a brunch and wanted something that could be labelled "pretty", and found this bow tie design. I had looked at it earlier but not dared it, mainly because of the contours. However, Gema had recommended that I should buy some thin, permanent markers and use that, so it became the mission of the weekend. For the base I used Kiko's Neon Pink and a colour called Blue Ice from the Swedish store Gina Tricot. In the inspiration picture they used pastel colours, but this gave the design a bit more "ompf" to it.

I have also got around to make a reference card with my current polishes, thin brushes and permanent marker colours. Turns out to be a fairly substantial, and growing, collection! 

Finally: some friends are hosting a competition coming weekend, Hyde Park Relays, so are using one of them as a model to make an event design, which I'll try to post about over the weekend. I also know Gema has got some great designs to show off, so return soon!

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