Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Paris/Valentine & London Fashion Week

Valentine's day has passed, and for me it was followed by a weekend in Paris for a fencing competition. I figured that the two events worked quite well together and decided to go for a combined design.

As inspiration, I had the classic print often found on souvenirs, in particular bags, with the city name repeated over and over again, occasionally in a different colour and to give it even more of a Valentine's touch, I used a toothpick to paint hearts on index and ring finger on left and right respectively.


For the base, I used Barry M's silver foil, and on top of that I wrote "LOVE PARIS LOVE LONDON" in alternating black and red using Sharpies. If this is something you want to try, then beware that writing with your non-dominant hand (I ended up doing it backwards and upside down as well, as it otherwise required me to twist the hand too much) is a bit tricky. Make sure to get the letters the right way around!

One of the girls has walked for the London Fashion Week on the Friday, and you can see the s design she got on the picture below. The design is probably meant to be quick: a simple dark base to match the earthy team, a quick L-shape first in white then in neon orange (which glowed in certain disco lights we discovered later).

Valentine/Paris & London Fashion week respectively

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