Sunday, 24 February 2013

BUCS Championships

A great deal of my time is spent on fencing related activities: trainings, competitions, fencing friends, running the fencing club etc. This weekend it was time for the BUCS Individual Championships, which is the only individual event that BUCS hosts over the year (otherwise it's all teams), and I decided to match my nails to the event.

As inspiration for the digits, I used Sport Imperial's logo (the body which the fencing club is a member of), and wrote "BUCS" on one hand and "ICFC" (Imperial College Fencing Club) on the other one. It was a bit messy, especially any letter that is round(-ish) was hard to write nicely. It didn't help that my white polish was running out. 

For the thumbs, I painted the outline of a small fencer. For someone who doesn't do the sport, it turned out to be a bit unclear what it was, but fencers really appreciated it. At the hotel the night before the competition, I attempted to do the same design on one of the other girls, but we could only find a plastic spoon to use as a tool, so it got a little messy. One of hers definitely has fencing thighs though!


  1. Very creative! Plastic fork though... :P

    1. Spoon, actually (have edited it now). I would have been fine with a plastic fork tbh, they're quite good! It's all about finding the cheap ways :)