Friday, 15 February 2013

Zombie season

In the end of January I decided to do a zombie theme design. This was influenced by the fact the Science Museum lates I attended (30th Jan) was about zombies and also I had bagged a free preview ticket to see warm bodies (thank you slackers club!).

Went with a rather bright happy green for the zombie skin colour and used both nail art pens and sharpies to do the detail. I sponged some red nail polish ontop to give a bit more of a gorey feel towards it and drew in some fleshy/brain looking parts in the corners of some of the nails.

The Sharpies (or any permanent marker pen) worked well for the detail and I will probably use this trick for future designs as it was easier to control than the brush and you avoid dripping and consistency issues.

Overall am pretty damn happy with how these turned out and they were appreciated at both events.

- Nail Art Love -

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