Monday, 25 February 2013

Cocktails and Cupcakes

My birthday party was a Cocktails and Cupcakes theme gathering at a bar and I decided to reflect this in my nail art design. 

The base coat used is Barry M Gold foil. I used Sharpies to draw out the outlines of the cocktails.  A dotter was then used to fill out the details.

On the left hand I did a fish bowl cocktail, a bronx and a cosmopolitan cocktail.

Left hand

On the ring finger I used Black Velvet by LA colours with a Rimmel London Matte Finish top coat in order to add more contrast to the gold craft glitter which I stuck on top.

On the little finger I did a cupcake (used the same style and technique as my
'Cupcakes and sprinkles ^_^' post) .

On my left hand a bellini, blue lagoon and a raspberry tea party cocktail were done.

Right hand

Forgot to mention in a previous post that I had received an awesome birthday cake that was created into a shape of a nail polish bottle. Fortunately the flavour was not nail polish and actually red velvet 

Nail Polish Cake ^_^

- Nail Art Love -

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