Friday, 15 February 2013

Cupcakes and sprinkles ^_^

Charlotte arranged a kick ass tea party which I thought required some cute cupcake nails. I used a nude pink colour as the base and painted on little cupcakes on all the digits except the ring finger. 

For the ring finger I used a gold base coat and then covered it in nail caviar beads which really reminded me of cupcake sprinkles. Each cupcake was topped with a sequin and then the middle thumb and thumb were further decorated with a sprinkle of nail caviar beads.

Only downer of this design is that they made me the munchies...

Nail art designs at the tea party

Check out the ' "Bow ties are cool" - Dr Who ' post to see Charlottes nails (far right hand in image above) which she did for the tea party. Also see the ' Hyde Park Relays & Daleks ' post to see the Dalek nails we did on Helen (middle hand in image above).

- Nail Art Love -

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